Wednesday, April 8, 2009

4 month check up

We went to Infants and Children's yesterday for Parker's four month checkup. Chad and I thought he weighed about 17 or 18 pounds because we weighed him on our scale at home and my mom and dad's scale, but we were wrong. He weighs 16.3 pounds and he's 25 1/2 inches long. 

He's in the 80th percentile for weight and the 75th for height! He's a big boy! The doctor told us to start rice cereal and we did but Parker doesn't seem to like it at all. Any suggestions??

He ran a fever last night and today from his shots. Bless his little heart! He took a 3 1/2 hour nap today and he NEVER naps that long! He is also teething. I am going to get the teething tablets tomorrow because so many people have recommended them to me.  He gets mad because he tries to put his entire fist in his mouth and he just can't get it to fit. 

I am really starting to get upset about going back to work. Today as I rocked him to sleep, I cried because I can't imagine anyone but me (or Chad of course) holding him when he's not feeling well. I just can't imagine being away from him all day. I know that moms do it all the time and the children are fine, but it breaks my heart to think about it. He is changing so much each day and I do not want to miss one second. My head understands that it is sensible for me to get back to work and close out the school year but my heart is aching! I know that I am truly blessed with the amount of time I have been able to spend with him.  I am thankful that it's only for four weeks and then it will be summer break, although with AMSTI and getting my classroom ready, it's only about 6 weeks of a true break. 

We are heading to the beach next Saturday with Katy, Luke, and Harper. We are all so excited! I'm counting down the days!


Julie said...

Luke had major trouble with the cereal. I thought he NEVER would eat it. (Now it is his favorite thing) They kept telling me to just keep trying and so I did and he eventually just starting eating it. Then he did the same thing with baby food so we had to start all over with that. I know that doesn't really help any, but that is really how we had to do it. Sometimes you have to "force" a little in the mouth and then they realize they like it and will eat more.

Teething tablets are great! We just started using them and they really seem to calm him down a lot. You know the little guys are in pain.

Ali said...

I'm going through the same thing about work. Were trying to decide if i'm even going back and were leaning more towards no right now or at least while were still in MD. We hope to move back to Bama in the next few months then i'll have to find a new job but at least i'll have family there to keep the girls. Glad everything is going good with Parker he is adorable. Maybe we can get the whole clan together this summer.

Katy said...

Make the cereal really runny at first and just get him used to the spoon. Of course, Harper liked it from the get-go.

"The Activist" said...

i tried about 4 different kinds of spoons before max found one he liked. the texture is different on each one, and that seemed to bother him. also, will he take runny cereal from a bottle? that helps them get used to the taste, and then you can move on. i also mixed just a dash of juice in with the cereal and that helped.

i can't really understand what it is like about going back to work...but i know it would be hard, esp. when they are little. but on the good side, it is so good for them to get used to someone else. it helps their whole grasp of the big, wide world! just don't start thinking about the future so far ahead. think about it in short little bursts. like on a weekly basis. the future will come, whether or not you think about it everyday! thinking about things so far away tends to overwhelm me.
anyhow, i am thinking about you!

Julie Greenhaw said...

Ya'll are all so sweet. I put the rice cereal in his bottle tonight and he sucked it down so I'll do that for a couple of days and then we'll try it again on its own..I guess that I just thought he'd love a new taste and when he wouldn't eat it, I was shocked.

Melodie said...

Sorry I'm a little behind on reading blogs. Callan never had a problem with her cereal. She really seemed to like it. But I have heard of putting juice in it like Krista said or even some applesauce. Anything to get him used to it. I don't exactly know what you are mixing it with (formula or water) but if it is water, you may try formula. Maybe it will make it much sweeter. It took C a long time to eat cereal with water instead of formula so maybe it does taste better. Hope it gets easier!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie. Don't sweat it. With Riley I tried cereal once and didn't do it again. He practically went from breast to table. With Cody I tried cereal a few times, but it was like spoon feeding breastmilk to him. I didn't see the point other than to make sure he wasn't allergic. I just went straight to baby food. He had to get used to the spoon and texture, but he's doing good. He only eats about 1/4 a jar each day.