Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just call him Norm!

We have an extra lot behind our house that came with the purchase of our home. It has a large metal workshop that Chad has decided to turn into a wood working shop. He has an an uncle that has lots of tools and he can build anything. His uncle moved to Mississippi and he could not take all of his tools so he gave some to Chad. Chad and also bought a few small tools to get started. Chad's ultimate goal is to be able to make cabinets. We want to build a house one day and he wants to build the cabinets for our home. 
He also wants it to be a hobby that he and Parker can do together as Parker grows up. Chad's first project was to b
uild a toy chest for Parkers toys. He built the box and painted it. He used chalkboard paint on the front and it think that it's so cute!!

Our sun room is going to be a play room for Parker. We think it's going to be great to have a place to keep all of the toys so there won't be so many in the house!!
His second project was to build a shadow box. Chad hit a hole in one playing golf last  year. There was a little write up in the paper. He put that in there and the ball and all of the other things that went with the hole in one. The shadow box turned out great!! It cost him like 10-15 dollars to build it. I would've been lots more to buy at Hobby Lobby!!

He's just so handy!! :)