Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I feel like a new woman!

Me sitting with my daddy
Getting ready to go to Jasper to meet Harper
I LOVE bath time!

This is one of my favorite pictures. His eyes are really blue, although you can't tell as much in this picture. 

Well, I don't want to speak to soon but, Parker has slept for six hours straight for two nights in a row!! I feel like a new woman! I would imagine that he is just teasing me and we will soon be back to waking up every two hours but the past two nights have been great! 

The first night he slept that long, I woke up and I was scared and I jumped to the pack and play. I was afraid something was wrong, but there he was, just sleeping away! 

I also thought that I would add a few recent pictures. 


Jim said...

He sure is cute! I'm glad you're getting a little more sleep! We need to get together soon.

John and Amanda said...

He's so cute Julie! Enjoy the extra sleep! I remember when Caden would occasionally sleep longer than normal I would find myslef lying awake in bed anticipating his "wake up call" at any given moment... wishing I could go back to sleep, but knowing that the second I did he'd wake up! :)

The Chandler Babies said...

I hope you are still getting some sleep!!!???