Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Parker is four weeks old today!

I can't believe that my baby is already four weeks old. It's strange, because I can't remember life before him, but the past four weeks have gone by so fast. He was a great sleeper the first two weeks of his life but the third week has been harder. I think that he is hungry and he's not getting enough when he eats, especially the night feedings. He falls asleep during the feeding and then he wakes up about and hour and half later screaming because he's hungry again. I have been pumping so we can give him bottles sometimes. I am lucky because he has adapted well to breast feeding and bottle feeding. We have debated adding a 1 oz. formula feeding after I nurse at night so he will sleep a little better. I am just nervous about doing that. 

He is starting to "wake up" more. At first, he just ate, slept, pee-peed, and pooped but now he is staying awake in between feedings. He has the most beautiful blue eyes. I would do anything for them to stay blue. He's getting bigger and bigger every day. I can really tell that he's gaining weight. He's got the cutest little fat rolls on his legs. Two weeks ago he weighed almost 8 pounds so I am curious to see what he weighs now. He is holding up his head better. He's not near as wobbly. He was like a little bobble head. :) He is constantly stretching. He arches his back, stretches out his arms, and makes this loud squeak sound. We think it's precious! 

Chad and I have gotten out a few times. We are so lucky to have wonderful parents who are DYING to babysit. Chad took me out to eat for my birthday, we went to Sunday School this past Sunday, and we went shopping and ran errands today. It's nice to get out and have a break but we do miss him when we are gone. Chad's parents are coming over from AThens tomorrow night so Chad and I can go eat at Texas Roadhouse. We got some giftcards there and it's Chad's favorite restaurant. We'll probably do a little shopping afterward. I am in this wierd transition with my weight. I am about 7 pounds off from my pre pregnancy weight but my pants are NO where close to fitting so I am still wearing my maternity pants. My regular shirts aren't really long enough to cover the panel so everything looks bad. I am sure that everyone deals with this but I get frustrated everytime I get dressed. 

Nobody can prepare you f or the challenges of motherhood. Everyone says that your life will never be the same and they are right. But it's a wonderful change that we are so thankful for every moment! (Even when he's screaming his head off!!!) 

Monday, December 22, 2008

Parker is almost three weeks old!

Well, I thought that I would post more now that I am a mom, but I haven't found much time. I wonder why??? We have had a great three weeks with Parker. He is changing every day and he's getting some cute little fat rolls. :)  

I haven't had a chance to really update much since he was born so I thought that I would do that now. We found out when we were pregnant that there might be an issue with Parker's heart. Dr. Allen heard an irregular heartbeat for a couple of visits in a row. At first, he didn't say much about it, but as it continued, he because concerned. Of course, the visit when I found out we would have to go see a pediatric cardiologist, was the one doctor's visit that Chad could not make. I freaked out when Dr. Allen was talking to me. I tried to ask questions, but literally I couldn't get a complete thought together. I was so scared. Dr. allen had us to go H'ville a couple of days later and Dr. Isreal did not think it would be a problem. I was still secretly worried but he said that it would correct itself either before he was born or right after and of course thankfully, he was right! The last two or three visits to Dr. Allen, Parker had a regular, strong heartbeat! 

Then on December 3-Here comes Parker!!! My delivery was tough so I had to stay in the Delivery room for close watch overnight so when we finally moved to a regular room Thursday morning, we were exhausted. In the delivery rooms, there aren't beds for hubbys, so he slept in a chair. Bless his heart! We get to our room, try to catch our breath and Dr. Crenshaw begins the morning rounds. Chad and I are thinking everything is great now that my blood pressure and things are under control, but that's when we find out about his heart murmur. She explains what she hears when she listens to his heart. She tells us that it could be two things, one could just be a simple murmur, which is not a big deal, or it could be a VSD (Ventricular septual defect) She said that we hoped it wasn't a VSD. She also tells us that his billiruben level was very high and he would have to stay in the nursery under the lights. This whole conversation with Dr. Crenshaw is about 10 min. and Chad and I are just speechless. She leaves and we both look at Parker and just start crying. We are tired, overwhelmed and now really scared!!! (Parker did break the crying though with a really loud tooting session. It made us smile!)

Because of Parker's jaundice we did stay inthe hospital an extra day, but that ended up being fine. We came home from the hospital on Sat. and we headed off to huntsville on Monday to seeing Dr. Isreal. Chad and I were terrified of a serious problem with his heart. Bless little Parker, we strip him down and start the ultrasound. Immediately, Dr. Isreal says, "Oh yes, it's a VSD." Well, that's what Dr. Crenshaw said we didn't want it to be. We both instantly freak out. I felt weak. But THANKFULLY, as Dr. Isreal studied his heart, he did see a hole but it is a small hole and he feels that it should close up on it's own. NO SURGERY! That was my biggest fear! We will go back to Dr. Isreal when Parker is one to confirm that the hole has closed. 

We are very thankful for our child and we know what a blessing he is. Now, if we can just get him to sleep at night! :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Just a few pictures!

Just thought I'd add a few pictures...I'll write more later..

Friday, December 5, 2008

We are officially parents!

Well, the moment that we are prayed for has arrived. Parker Holt Greenhaw arrived into the world, Wednesday, December 3 at 2:50 p.m. He weighed 7.5 and he was 21 inches long. He is the most gourgeous baby I have ever seen!

I will write more later because they will be bringing him in soon to nurse but, the delivery went well. I don't think that my epidural took very well, because the pain was intense. I almost didn't get to have the epidural because my platlet count was low and they never did figure out why...

I don't remember much about the end of the delivery because that is when my blood pressure went up....My hands and feet froze and quite working so I do remember being very scared. My blood pressure went to about 205/110 so we weren't allowed to have visitors or talk on the phone. We had to spend the night in labor and delivery and they pumped me FULL of more meds. Since my platelets were low I had to do poticin for four hours after delivery to stimulate contractions to help witht he bleeding. NOT FUN! Anyway, I'll fill you in about all that later.

All that matters is that PARKER is here! We are having to stay and extra day because he is jaundice....We hope to go home tomorrow! Chad wants him to watch his first Alabama game at home!

We love you all!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The long awaited arrival is almost here!

Well, my appointment was scheduled with Dr. Allen for tomorrow and I was ready to plead my case to go ahead with the induction, however; at school today, I just didn't feel well. I called the office and he had a 3:20 appointment open, so off I went. I had my long list of reasons why he should hurry up and let me have this baby. This past weekend I crossed the line of being uncomfortable to being close to miserable.

As it ends up, I didn't have to use my pity party that I was going to use because my blood pressure had gone up quite a bit so he said it was time to the get the ball rolling. My blood pressure has stayed really low throughoutt he pregnancy but today is was 130/85. The nurse said if the bottom number was 90, we would've gone straight to the hospital. They had me lay down and they rechecked it and it did go down some, so they didn't seem too worried.

I was around 2 1/2 cm and he schedule us to come in to the hospital at 3 am wednesday morning. We can't wait. I am sitting here exhausted but also wide awake at the same time. How do you sleep knowing that you are about to meet your child?? I can't wait to see his face, how big he is, who he looks like.... I haven't been too nervous about the labor part but I have to admit that a little bit of nerves are starting to set in...I haven't been able to sleep much at all the past few nights so I know I need to get some rest. I am offically done with work. Dr. Allen said to stay home tomorrow. I talked to the kids in my class but I do feel a little bit guiltly that I wasn't ableto completely prepare them that it would be my last day. I had a feeling but didn't know for sure.

It just amazes me that the child we are about to bring into the world was conceived in a dish and then cryopreserved (frozen) from the November to March. Wow! Not many people can say that their baby was frozen. The great part is: Parker has too sibliings frozen in a tube now just waiting on us!!