Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have a question..Why are schools voting locations? Oh my goodness, there are people everywhere. When I got to school at 7:15, the church parking lot up the hill was just about full, nevermind the school parking lot looked like Atlanta Interstate traffice.

Dont' get me wrong, it's wonderful that so many people are coming out to vote but it makes for a CRAZY day at school. My vote is to cancel school on election day!!! :)

I was going to try to vote before school but the line is over an hour long. I have a doctor's appointment after school at 4 so I probably won't get up here to vote until after 5, with all of the other people getting off work....Could be along day. Maybe people will see my big ole belly and feel sorry for me!!:)


Caroline Bilstein said...

I agree..the schools should be closed if their gonna host a voting spot. I heard on the news yesterday that Huntsville City schools were closing today for that reason. Hope you have a good day, maybe it will not be too long and good luck at your appt, hope all is well!

The Chandler Babies said...

I agree!! My kids acted like wild beast yesterday. I vote we call school off like Huntsville Schools!! I went to bed at 7:45 last night because I was so tired from trying to tame wild animals all day long plus I was a nervous wreck to let my kids go anywhere because there were so many people on this campus!!

Melodie S. said...

The 'belly' always seemed to be a great tool. Hope it worked for you.
Oh and I totally agree. Schools should be out on election days.