Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Krista tagged me!

Ok, Krista-Here it goes!

20 years ago:
It was 1988 and I was in the second grade. I was in Mrs. Bailey's classroom at Forest Hills. My grandfather, Rusty Parker, (who Baby Parker is named after), was the principal at the school. Mrs. Bailey was actually a terrible teacher and she ended up getting fired for not teaching, constant paddling, etc. She was mean to all of the boys but us gals loved her. She let us bring our records to school and listen to them. I was all about some Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. Elizabeth Blazer, AKA Lizzy, became friends, and thankfully, we still are today.

10 years ago:
It was 1998 and I was a senior at Bradshaw. We just had our ten year reunion so highschool as been on my mind lately. I was dating Whitley Young, and had been for three years. We ended up breaking up the night of Senior Prom. He was a senior when I was a freshman so he just wasn't into the prom thing and it was getting on my nerves, so I broke up with him before we went. My mom still made me take him with me though because she knew that I had been voted Miss Bradshaw High School and she wanted me to have a date. I didn't know and still would've been fine without a date, but whatever. We are smiling in any of our pictures together. I was head cheerleader and I was all four years in school. I stayed so busy because I felt like I had to be in every clud and be the President. I was class president also which was fun. I was getting excited about college and going to UNA. I couldn't wait to move out! After graduation, we all went to PCB for our Senior Trip. I rode with Lauren down in her car and many memories were made on that trip, some I'm proud of, some not.

5 years ago:
It was 2003 and I had just graduated from UNA with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. Chad and I had been dating and we were engaged the summer of 03. I need to blog about the proposal, because it was amazing....I desperately wanted to teach and I wanted my own classroom so I went to a job fair in Huntsville and I was recruited to teach in Clayton County, Georgia. I was thinking, wow, I must have it together, they offered me a job at the fair. I thought I was it! Come to find out, they would give a dog a teaching job. Clayton County was rough and they were DESPERATE for teachers. Me and my niave self, headed off for Atlanta. I got an apartment and my friend, Emily, went also. She lived in the apartment above mine. She ended up meeting her hubby over there. We taught first grade next door to each other at McGarrah Elementary. I cried often because I wasn't too confident in my classroom management skills. Randy Lester ( I will NEVER forget that kid) gave me a run for my money. He threw chairs, desks, bit me, hit me, and pulled out some of my hair. They don't really teach you what to do when that happens. LOoking back, it was a learning experience, but I thought that I would never teacher again. Chad and I married the next summer and thankfully he was offered a job in Panama City so off I went, HAPPILY!

1 year ago:
It was October 2007 and actually this week last year has lots of signifiance. This was the week we were in our IVF cycle. We had our egg retrieval on October 24. I was so nervous that morning. They went in and gave me meds to make me loopy but I was aware of the pain. They "scrape" all of the eggs they can get. I remember laying on the table and saying to the doc, "This really hurts!" Thankfully, they gave me a little more medicine which helped for the ride home. I didn't really wake up until we were around Athens. My mom had called Chad while I was asleep and told him that my dear grandmother, Gran, had fallen and broken her hip. She didn't want him to tell me right away so he waited until I woke up. I wanted to go to the hospital but I was in lots of pain so we went home. I talked to Gran on the phone and she sounded good.

She took a turn for the worse on the 28th so off we headed to the hospital early that Sunday morning. She was only awake one time I went in to see her in ICU. I was trying to keep her awake and I kept reminding her that tomorrow was the big day, the Embryo transfer, and I needed to her make it and wake up. She opened her eyes, smiled and shook her hand in excitement. That was our last communication. She didn't pass away until about 5 am the next morning but she was gone after that. I ended up catching a stomach virus while in the hospital so I had to leave at 8 pm throwing up. I thought it was the stress of watching my grandmother pass but I was actually very sick. I still had to get up the next morning to my mom calling saying gran was now gone. It was terrible but I had to go through with the transfer so off to Bham we went. I cried and threw up the whole way. We couldn't not do it that day or we wouldn''ve lost the embryos and my grandmother would've wanted me to go through with it. As you all no, it didnot work but we were able to freeze four embryos (one of which is Parker!!) Parker was frozen for a little under six months, and we have two more babies waiting on us. My grandmother would be SOOO excited to see my belly grow and to know that I am pregnant. I called her after every visit with my fertility doc. She was not like a grandmother, but more like a mother. I know that she knows and is rejoicing with Chad and I but I sure do wish she was here. I dream about her often and recently the dream was comforting because she said that she was there to check on me and Parker!

Yesterday: October 22, 2008
I taught kindergarten and after school I had a doctor's appointment with Dr. Allen. Everything is on track and I am loving being pregnant (most of the time.)

Wow! This was the longest post ever. Sorry, it was probably very boring for you all. It's important to write down these things though so years from now I won't forget!


Elizabeth Sloan said...

I loved this post! It was fun to flashback to Mrs. Bailey's class and senior prom....I remember all that stuff! And what a difference a year makes....I can't wait for Parker's arrival in December:)

Melodie said...

It wasn't boring at all. I love thinking about old times past and hearing from stories from other people. I'm so sad that your grandmother isn't here to see you and your sweet belly in person but I know you are comforted knowing she is watching over you all.

Melodie S. said...

Great post! You are so right. Make note of these things now because once baby Parker arrives your brain will be gone. I don't know if it is the sleep deprivation or what but babies seem to zap the mind. Totally worth it though!

Julie said...

I did not think it was boring at all. I love learning knew things about Jules!

The Chandler Babies said...

I love going back to "the days" and it was not boring at all. I didn't know alot of the things I read and I love learning new things about you! Love you!

"The Activist" said...

I can't believe you were in the second grade when I was 15! And I can't believe you were as cool as you were in high school! Can we really be friends?? I want to hear that proposal story -that should be your next post.

Being there on a daily basis for last October, I must say that you made it look easy. You are full of grace and goodness my friend!

Lamm said...

Found your blog from your Facebook info and I'm glad--Loved reading that post! I remember Mrs. Bailey and us girls sitting out in the hall by the stairs doing stuff for her. Oh and to confirm your comments about Clayton County school district--they just lost their accreditation a few months ago! Anyway, congrats again and take care!

Kayla said...

Great post! I learned alot about you:)