Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer Fun!

Well, so far, my summer has been busy, but lots of fun. Between my brother's wedding, going to Texas, and then to the beach with Chad, I have been on the run. I haven't updated in awhile so I thought I would update pics from all of my trips. First I went to Texas for the Alpha Gam Convention. As advisor, that is one of my responsibilities. I was dreading the trip before we left, but we had a great time. Holly, the President, and Amy, our VP Finance went with me and we had lots of fun.

We did some sight seeing at the Alamo.
We went to a ranch for dinner.

Saying a prayer on the plane. We were a little nervous!!!

One of my best friends, Katy, had her baby girl in May. Her name is Harper and she is precious. Chad and I spent the night with her and her husband the night before we left for the beach.

Baby Harper

He's so excited about being a daddy! Isn't this cute?
Chad and I also decided to take a trip to the beach. We started thinking that it would be our last chance to go to the beach alone. We are going back July12 with Chad's family so we wanted to take a quick trip. We had a great time. We ate fantastic seafood but the weather was bad.

The view from our condo.
Me preggers at 16 weeks
Chad and I after dinner

The story of the trip...Rain......
Baby update!! We go July 17 to find out what we are having. We are so excited to find out and we're counting down the days. I am ready to start making plans for the nursery. I also found out good news this week. Mrs. Gipson is going to let me take a whole semester for maternity leave. The baby is due in December so I will be off work until August!! Yea! I am so excited!


Julie said...

Jules that is awesome about the maternity leave. I know that you were wondering about that. Let us know as soon as you find out what you are having!

Melodie said...

I can't believe you are about to find out. That is so awesome! The maternity leave is unbelievably awesome as well. I know you are happy about that! That is huge! Glad you are done traveling for a while. We missed you both!

Elizabeth Sloan said...

How nice that you'll have such a LONG maternity leave! Thanks for updating us on your busy better be sure to update with the big news on July 17:)

Melodie S. said...

That is WONDERFUL news about your leave! I am thrilled for you. Can't wait till the 17th to see if the pencil test is right.:)

The Chandler Babies said...

Hey Julie! You are just as cute as a button pregnant. I am so excited that you get a LONG maternity leave. I will miss going to your classroom to get a break from mine while you are gone! : )