Sunday, June 8, 2008

Next Weekend

Well, next weekend is the big wedding. My little baby brother is getting married. In my mind, my brother should still be sitting in the dirt in the backyard playing with his hotwheels. It's hard for me to imagine him being old enough to get married. He is marrying the most precious person, Shea Jones. Shea and I have lots in common because we both teach kindergarten, however; she teaches at Weeden. They have been engaged for a year and a half so we have been dying for the wedding to get here. He proposed to her in her classroom. He played a recorded tape over the intercom at the school telling Shea how much he loved her and right after the tape was finished, he walked into her classroom with the ring. Shea's twin sister was hiding in the closet (Shea had no idea!) and filmed the whole thing. She was so suprised. Craig had worked out to get her a sub for the rest of the day and he had a limo waiting outside the school. Isn't that sweet. This week will be fun! I am getting a mani and a pedi (love a reason to get that done!) and I have a hair appointment the day of the wedding. I usually do my own hair so I am a little worried. I just don't want prom hair or curly tendrils hanging down.... I am skipping AMSTI on Friday because it's the bridemaids luncheon so I only have FOUR more days!!!

Chad left this morning for New Orleans. Lilly has a national sales meeting for a new indication for Cymbalta. He won't be home until late Thursday night. I miss him so much when he is gone. I don't sleep very well and the animals always act weird. I do hope that he is safe driving and I hope he gets to eat some good food. I am always jealous of the dinners they have on these trips!!!


Jim said...

You know we'll all want to see a copy of the hair pictures!! :)

Melodie S. said...

I am so excited for Craig and Shea! She is getting a great sister-in-law.
Aren't you SO GLAD AMSTI is over and your summer break can really begin?
See you Saturday.