Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, now my "summer" (if you can actually call it that) has now begun! I am finished with AMSTI. The days were long but I did learn some new ideas for my classroom. The summer is going to be so short because I am going to Texas next week and then the beach. I will need to start getting my classroom reading after the first of July. They just get shorter and shorter every year. This year will be crazy! We have a new reading series, and a new science and math curriculum with AMSTI. Not to mention, we're having a baby!!!

By the way, my sister-in-law's mother did the pencil test on me today and she predicted that the baby is a boy!!!


Melodie S. said...

YAHOO! I can completely empathize with you on the AMSTI stuff, but don't be stressed at all about it. They are so helpful and understanding. In no way feel pressure to utilize it all.
I have always heard the pencil test can be pretty accurate. Do you plan on finding out the gender? i had planned on going to the wedding, but I have Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. Weird! I know. Anywho, it is contagious so I think I better steer clear.

Julie said...

Based on our class I would predict a boy! HA!

Melodie said...

I do not agree with the pencil test. We need some more girls!! Callan and Macy are going to be all alone unless Scarlett can give us a girl. I don't care what you have as long as it is healthy! Have fun on your trips. We will miss you both!