Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's a wild house!

I am sitting on my couch and there are two plumbers in my laundry room whom both smell like 30 cigaretts and both have a nice crack, I might add...... The chain length fence guy is in the back yard removing the dog pin, the painter is in the kitchen repainting the cabinets that the granite guys stratched up....My husband and in-laws will be here any moment with two truck loads of our junk...soooo, it's a mad house today! My dog is going to have a heart attach and my cat is all but foaming at the mouth.... and I'm sad because it's already WEdnesday and my spring break week is going by too fast!


Elizabeth Sloan said...

You've gotta love moving day! Please post house pictures soon!

Anonymous said...

that's hilarious! and yes, post some pics of the house soon!!!!

Jim said...

That cracks me up!

So to speak.