Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Day tomorrow!

Well, the first week of pregnancy was wonderful. I enjoyed all of the hugs and smiles that we received. We have so many wonderful friends and we love that everyone is truly happy for us. I go back to the doctor tomorrow for more bloodwork to make sure that my HCG levels have gone up and to check my progestrone. My progestrone typically stays low so Chad has to give me injections of a progestrone oil every night. The needle is really long and it hurts pretty bad, but it's necessary. I am sure that every Sunday will be filled with nerves before my doctor's visits on Monday.

We are also moving tomorrow! We have been working on our new house for a month now. Painting, cleaning, etc. My Aunt Judy, and my mother-in-law, Charlsa, came today to give the house a good scrub. It smells so clean. tHey are actually there now. We are excited about the new house but we have had lots of drama with it. We found out that there is a major roof leak. (The previous owner lied about fixing it.) Someone broke into the storage closet one night and stole my granddad's handtrucks. We have basically redone the kitchen and we ordered granite countertops and we have had a terrible time with those also. The installers basically slammed the granite into everything in their path. They scratched the wood floor, they scratched the newly painted cabinets, and they busted off a door frame. They were a week late being installed and they left razor blades all over the kitchen. Needless to say, Chad was ready to put a for sale sign in the yard a few days ago, but all is well now. The counter tops are in and I must say they are beautiful! The granite company is paying our painter to come back and fix what they messed up so all is well!

I'll let everyone know how the appointment goes tomorrow. It's just bloodwork so it will be quick. I am going to try to get to Huntsville by 7 so I can get home and direct the move! Being pregnant during a move is awesome! You don't have to lift any boxes!


Elizabeth Sloan said...

Post pictures of the new house soon! Or email them....I can't wait to see it!

Julie said...

Please let us know something as soon as you find out today! I had no idea you all were having so much trouble with the new house. That is crazY!

Anonymous said...

keep us posted!