Thursday, October 18, 2007


Ok, I had an ultrasound and bloodwork this morning. And I have wonderful news! My follicles have actually grown a little bit! Yea! I was thrilled. It was the first time that I've gone to the doctor's appointment and received good news. I have a couple of follicles that have grown to 1.1. We need at least two follicles to grow to 1.8. I have been injecting follistim for five nights. I will begin mixing medicine and I will mix my follistim and a medicine called menopur. I will have to be in Birmingham Saturday morning at 7:30 for an appointment and in Huntsville Monday morning. Nancy, my nurse, feels like the egg retrival will be Wednesday of next week! It is so exciting to finially have a time and day set. I actually hope that it is Thursday because my class is going to the PUmpkin Patch on Wednesday and I have never missed a field trip, but my principal is wonderful and she said whatever I need to do is fine! Please pray that my follicles would continue to grow. Another hurdle I have to cross is when my follicles do get big enough, Chad will have to give me the HCG shot. (trigger shot) It will cause my body to ovualate and then they will go in and get the eggs. I am at a high risk of hyper stimulating in my ovaries because I do have sooo many eggs. Hyper stimulation can be serious and it would halt our cycle so I pray that it does not happen. Thanks and I love you all!

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Melodie said...

Julie, that is wonderful news! I am so excited to hear how it goes. Hang in there! Thank you for the sweet call today! Sorry I didn't get to talk!