Monday, October 15, 2007

Follistim Injections

I began my follistim injections last night. Follistim is an FSH injection. (folicle stimulating hormone) This is the highest dosage that I have taken so far. I can't lie, the injection was rough. The medicine stays in the fridge and it's very cold. My dear friend Katy gave some great advise about warming up the container before injecting it, and unfortunately, I forgot. I was overwhelmed but I wasn't sure if I was using the correct needle. It did not feel good. It was so cold I could feel it burning for 20 minutes after the shot. I also have to do the lupron shot every night but that one is easy. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday and they will be looking to see if I have had any growth. I have been having some killer hot flashes. My hormones are so crazy. I have woken up the past two nights and I was socking wet with sweat. (It's a lovely feeling!) Thanks for checking in on us!


Melodie said...

Yeah for new injections! I bet you'll remember to warm that bottle up next time. I'm excited for you both! I'm also praying!

Julie said...

That is exciting about the injections. Sorry that it was so painful. It actually hurt me just to read your post. Maybe next time will be better. Stay strong...we are praying!

Scarlett said...

I am praying for y'all and hope that you don't have to deal with the pains of the shots for that much longer! We love you!