Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Egg Retrieval

Well, the day is finally over and I am so glad. Chad and I left for Birmingham around 7 this morning. They immediately take you to a hospital bed and Chad was able to stay back there with me for a little while. They started an IV which thankfully they had no trouble. My veins have built up scar tissue from getting stuck so often so I was worried it might take a while to get the IV started. THey give you medicine to "loosen" you up before they wheel you into the procedure room. Once inside the room, they give you a little more medicine. You have to stay awake and it was quite painful but it was fast, around 15 minutes. They are able to get 12 eggs!!! I had been hoping and praying for 7-8. THey will call us tomorrow and give us an update on how the fertilitzation is proceding. It was a wonderful day as far as fertility goes, but a sad day as well. My precious gran, my grandmother, has been in bad health for awhile. About 8 weeks ago, she fell and broke 4 ribs. Her heart has been failing and she is on oxygen. Unfortunately, she feel today on her kitchen floor and broke her hip. I am so upset because I have not been able to go to the hospital due to the pain. Please pray for her. My family has worried about this happening. Thank you for checking on us. Chad and I love you all and we are excited about the possiblity of starting our family.


Julie said...

We saw Chad at church and he gave us the good news about being able to get 12 eggs! That is awesome! We are so excited for you guys.
Sorry about your gran. We will be praying for her as well.

Kimberly said...

I am glad that everything went well.

elizauburn said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Gran's fall......please give her my love. I'll be praying for her health and your fertilization:)
love, elizabeth