Friday, July 20, 2007

My appointment

Well, I had an appointment this morning and I left with a smile on my face. Nancy could see two follicles that had grown to 1.2. YEA! However, my joy was shortlived because the nurse in Birmingham just called with my bloodwork results and my estrogen did not go up. To continue the cycle, it had to increase and it went down. :( She said that Dr. Honea was going to let me continue the injections for two more nights at 100 IU's. I have to be in Birmingham Sunday morning at 7:30 for bloodwork and an ultrasound. If my estrogen stays down and/or my follicles don't grow, we will have to stop the cycle. I will take progrestrone for 10 days to start a new period and then we will try again. I am lucky that she's giving me two more days. Normally, she would have me stop the cycle.

Thanks for the prayers! Have a good weekend.

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